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Hi! I'm Caity.

I'm a curious, playful, lazy introvert who loves beaches and time by myself. (She/her.)

A sexuality geek since age 10 and lifestyle dominatrix for the past decade, I spent years as a divorce paralegal, sexuality blogger, and online fetish seller before discovering my passion for online self-help.


Armed with a bachelor's degree in psychology, a hunger for entrepreneurship, and a cheeky sense of humor, I trained with renowned intimacy expert Layla Martin before launching my coaching practice in 2021.


Since then, I've found great joy in creating online solutions for people's problems that you can access anytime.


I believe in creative, celebratory, holistic programs rooted in pleasure and play. Who says making peace with our darker emotional pains can't be a little fun, too?

I take a refreshing approach to intimacy and relationships by rejecting BS tropes about how each of those "should" look.


I want you living for your own aliveness, freedom, and desire - not someone else's vision for you. 

If your vision doesn't feel at least a little insane, you probably aren't being completely honest with yourself about what you truly want. 

I teach students around the globe, bringing them out of their heads and into their bodies in the most nourishing ways.


Let's discover your behavior/thought patterns and give a little hug to the dark thoughts you don't like to think about.


When you're ready to take responsibility for the demons plaguing you this week and start living by your rules, let's connect.

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