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Hi! I'm Caity.

I'm a stubborn, playful, lazy introvert. And I love a challenge. (She/her.)

A sex geek since age 10 and lifestyle dominatrix for the past decade, I spent years as a divorce paralegal, sex blogger, and online fetish seller before discovering my passion for coaching.


Armed with a bachelor's degree in psychology, a tenacious thirst for entrepreneurship, and a cheeky sense of humor, I trained with renowned sexpert Layla Martin before launching my coaching practice in 2021.


I believe in creative, celebratory, holistic solutions rooted in pleasure and play. Who says making peace with our painful, darker truths can't be both silly and masochistically delightful?

I take a refreshing approach to sex, love, and relationships by rejecting BS tropes about how each of those "should" look. I want you living for your own unique aliveness, freedom, and pleasure - not someone else's.

I work virtually with clients around the globe, bringing them out of their heads and into their bodies in the most nourishing ways. I spend my days obscenely excited to help you discover and reprogram your subconscious blocks, from stuckness to new connection and aliveness. I love helping you discover your patterns... and asking you about the dark thoughts you don't like to admit to yourself.

These days, I work primarily with cis-men who are attracted to women. But I will consider exceptions for fellow kinksters on a case by case basis.


When you're ready to take responsibility for your shit and start living by your rules, let's chat.

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