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Current Offerings

Pussy Whispering
Men's Masterclass

My signature class!

Train your woman's body to CRAVE you - the smart way.

1:1 Coaching

Curious about coaching? Be the first to know when new seats open up.

Quickies Cover Art.jpg

Quickies Podcast

Answering your juiciest intimacy questions in 15-ish mins (or less!)

Image by Yuval Zukerman

Stamina 101
Men's Challenge

Ready to bring your lasting power to the next level?

Head on over to Angela's site to sign up for our free video series!


Quiz - How well do you REALLY know her body?

Think you have what it takes to beat these 9 pleasure myths?


Test your knowledge and see how you really stack up!

(Almost no one gets a perfect score!)

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